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My Givings

My Givings is the next menu item on the GiveEasy platform and it is broken down into two pages: Givings and Recurring Givings. 

As the names suggest, Givings includes all donations made to your organisation - this includes both one-off and single regular donations as they are made. Recurring Givings only displays the details of recurring donations. 



As mentioned before Givings includes all donation data - one-off donations as well as single regular donations as they are made. 

In the Givings page you can search for a specific donation using the search bar or filter based on a date range. 

Givings Data

The table on the Givings page includes details of the donor's:

  • GiveEasy donation number (GE #)
  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Amount donated
  • What donation page they donated to
  • The date they donated 
  • As well as the status of this payment (Active = the payment is processing but has not been received, Paid = the payment has been received).
Givings Data

On the Givings page you can also export your donation data as a CSV file. The CSV file includes further details such as:

  • Donor's Phone Number
  • Transaction Time
  • Payment Type
  • GiveEasy Fee
  • Donation Net Amount
  • Payment ID
  • Payment Frequency
  • Address
  • Suburb
  • State
  • Postcode
  • Any other custom fields you have created.

Recurring Givings

The Recurring Givings page only displays the details of recurring donors. The table data displayed on this page is similar to Givings capturing the donor's first name, last name, email, donation amount and the donation page they donate to. However, there are some added details that are specifically relevant to recurring donations. These include:

  • The recurring donation frequency 
  • When the next donation will be
  • Recurring Giving ID # (this ID# is different from the GE# in Givings as GE# refers to the single donation where as the recurring giving ID# refers to the supporters overall regular giving subscription).

In this page you can search for specific recurring donors using the search bar function.

Recurring Givings Data